All Dollaz & FuhReaL present:

The Gumbo Mixtape

The Gumbo Mixtape is an album that we created over the course of 2 years that welcomes everyone in to our world on a few different levels.  Our belief that we should appreciate our daily gifts, show our heart and soul to our fans, do the right things, and make a connection with the listeners, all come to life as you experience a little bit of everything in our serving of "gumbo."  Many of the choruses have an old school classic feel and the verses are a flawless match.  This music can be enjoyed by anyone no matter what generation you belong to.  


Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.



The Gumbo Mixtape

A Message from the Artists

I got my name, FuhReaL, as soon as I started rapping from a friend that I was working on a song with.  I had previous poems of mine, both uplifting and darker style pieces, published so he asked me to help co-write a song about some more serious life events he was going through.  My dude looked at me after we finished the very first verse and said "damn, you're for real!"  I just changed the spelling, to be cool I guess, and then it stuck!  I think this name definitely fits me because I am not about being fake, trying to sugar coat anything, and I can't tolerate people that are do that, I sniff it out quick. Besides, the phrase "for real" or as I now see it, FuhReaL, is something EVERYBODY says almost on a daily basis.  It’s not just a name, it’s my lifestyle.  #realtalk


​The Gumbo Mixtape is a blend of our lives and just an overall feel good album for anybody.  Thank you for listening and showing your support for my true passion in life!

The Gumbo Mixtape

Contact Us

As a youngsta I always wanted to be an artist. I come from a family full of musicians.  My big sis was a phenomenal singer growing up and she would perform in different sections of the city for events like weddings, concerts, and she even sung at her graduation in high school.  As I started to grow as a writer, one thing I've always done was to strive to be great and I feel once my voice is heard on a larger scale then I will have the ability to help change the game. There have been ups and down to this grind but everything is lookin up! The Gumbo Mixtape was a project that started out with a different title, I think we was gonna call it Real Dollaz, but after reviewing it a few times and getting feedback from the project, we felt with the things that we mixed in on this tape was food for the mind, body, and soul.  So we came up with Gumbo. The Gumbo Mixtape is gonna give you a feeling you haven't felt before and it can capture the attention of any audience young to old. I hope you appreciate the music and enjoy it.

All Dollaz